28 February 2009

Sea Glass Hunting

As I head out to hunt more sea glass today, I hope my glass to plastic/foam ratio is higher than on my last two trips. 

I know - ewwww - it's better I pick it up and sanitize my hands than leave it for birds and other creatures to eat.

24 February 2009

Flaming Parrot Tulips

I love the shapes and color variations

23 February 2009

The Low Hanging Fruit

22 February 2009

Jewelry: the zine

I received my copy of "Jewelry: the zine" by Catherine Witherell and Deryn Mentock and immediately was drawn into this graphic and photo rich publication. I took a quick look at my three articles ("Creation / Inspiration", "How to Start an Arts Organization", and "Accessible Patinas") then moved on to the easy-to-read articles and all the pictures (of which there are many.) 

The zine contains bonus 3D content and will keep you engaged, so set aside some time to spend with it. You can tell the zine is a work of love by the very creative team of Catherine Witherll and Deryn Mentock, and it's unlike any magazine you'd ever purchase because of the handmade pages by many of the authors; and the zine itself is put together by hand.


The Table of Contents is below.  You can click on the title of this post to get all the information, including larger images of the Table of Contents, at Catherine's blog.

Table of Contents

"Jewelry: The Zine" is 128 pages and includes 17 how-to projects and idea pages, specialty pages and it is chock full of inspiration in full color and hand spiral bound.   It is a limited edition and when they run out, they are gone. By FRIDAY the 27th AND Monday, March 2nd more copies of the zine will be bound and up for sale. Pre-orders for these production runs are being taken now.

Ordering info 
To purchase this zine, the particulars are:

Cost: $40

Ships in a big padded bubble envelope
Priority shipping to anywhere in California and Oregon and vicinity add additional $6
Priority shipping to Washington State and Idaho and vicinity add additional $7
Priority shipping to Texas and vicinity add $8
and anywhere else/further out in the US and further than Alberta in Canada add $9 for Priority shipping

Shipping to Europe is about $28 extra for the fastest shipping but the creator will gladly ship it at a slower pace.
Australia add $14 for shipping via parcel post which is about 5-7 days or add $31 for priority, about 4 days.

If for some reason you don't want that kind of shipping, please find out how much the shipping you want costs from California to where you live and add that amount and tell the creator what you decided.

You can now preorder it because it is on rails!  Please  PayPal the creator to account name      cathwitherell@comcast.net       and make sure your mailing address is correct.  If you don't do paypal you can email catherine (the creator) from the link under her photo at the top left hand side of her blog and to discuss payment options. Catherine's blog is at http://happydayart.typepad.com

20 February 2009

On His or Her Own Terms

The cat walked along the beach - when it wanted to walk; and sat it when it wanted to sit. :-)

Tidepools in the late afternoon

17 February 2009

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

A photo from last weekend shows the lighthouse during the recent storms, and another photo shows the lighthouse on a sunny day.

The recognizable structure was shown yesterday during Versus' coverage of the 2009 Amgen Tour of California.

10 February 2009

The Glades

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park grasslands in the Florida Everglades (above) and, the big Cypress trees in the strand (below.)

Here's a short story about why there don't seem to be any walking trails in the strand. I was taking the above photo when I noticed a butterfly (below.)

I then walked to the other side of the road to see a white bird in the swamp (below.)

When I returned to my original spot on the road I looked down into the swamp right next to the road - feet from where I was standing. The last picture shows you what was looking up at me.

Here's a closeup:

09 February 2009

Victoria Park Balconies

Balconies in the Victoria Park neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale reminded me of the balconies in Culebra and Vieques.

08 February 2009

Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach

Below is a closeup of plantings in the interior courtyard of the Norton Museum of Art where we saw the Ansel Adams / Georgia O'Keefe Exhibition and the Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism Exhibition.

07 February 2009

Art Deco

Two art deco hotels in South Beach

01 February 2009

Wish I Could Go....

Modern silver artist Agnes Seabass is being featured in a one-woman show and sale in SF on Feb 13th. Ms. Seabass will be at the event.